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To a new paradigm in wealth management. We have designed a revolutionary, client-centric financial advice model that minimizes the conventional conflicts of interest and offers a truly compelling value.​

Imagine a financial advisor that is competent, ethical, exclusive, and available at a price less than the typical wealth manager*. That vision is now a reality. At Equivest, we have designed a ground-breaking wealth management delivery concept that allows us to offer complete wealth management services from financial planning to investment management to insurance planning while embracing the belief that the client comes first. All of this is available from industry experts that understand that clients are family and this business is more than growth and profits. This entire concept is also exclusive and the founders will close the practice at a predetermined level of clients to continue to maintain the necessary level of service for each and every client.

your story

is the key to your financial success. We promise to listen to your story and your wants, needs, and wishes. It is not until we truly understand what makes you unique that we can design a comprehensive plan for your personal financial success.

We believe we are unique because our services are designed around your story and our solutions will be perfectly matched to your unique situation. No two clients are alike and every comprehensive plan we develop is different. 


It just seems like most advisors want to talk about themselves and don’t take the time to listen and really understand the dreams and passions that clients bring to the table. Our processes make sure that your dreams are realized.





Don't miss out on getting our FREE GUIDE to determine if Roth conversions are a strategy that you should consider to improve your retirement success.

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28175 Haggerty Road  |  Novi, MI 48377

(248) 962-8825

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