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Real College Planning

Saving on, not just for, the cost of college

Parents today are faced with more challenges than ever, none more important than trying to fund your child’s education, while still saving for retirement. Traditional financial advice has usually sounded something like this, “just put some money in a 529 account and then borrow for college because you can’t borrow for retirement,” but we think there’s a better way.

going "Beyond the 529"


Over the last decade, the costs of college have increased an average of 5% per year, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Current figures show that the average cost of college can range anywhere from $19,000 to $43,000 per year! Even though the cost of college continues to increase, it's hard to argue that a college education is an invaluable experience for your child's development, aspirations and quality of life.

To get the best results, families need to understand not only what it costs to send their kids to college, but also how they will pay for it. You can’t look at paying for college in a vacuum. Building an integrated
financial solution that looks at college, retirement, investing, cash flow, and tax planning is vital.


We help you identify if your family will qualify for need based or merit based aid,  and what strategies you can use to increase the amount of aid your student will receive.

We are experts on the financial aid applications and formulas and how schools use them to offer financial aid to students. We take the complexity out of the financial aid process to help you understand what aid your student will be eligible for based on their specific set of schools.


We can help you shop for colleges that will provide you the most financial aid based on the financial need of the family and/or the merit of your student.

We will show you the net cost at each school on your student's list and understand the role financial aid will play at each.


Every family's financial situation is different. Your student may want to drive a Lamborghini, but that doesn’t mean it is a good financial decision. When you buy a home, the first step is typically working with your bank to get a mortgage pre-approval letter.  The bank will only pre-approve a mortgage amount that they are confident you can repay based on your financial resources. College should be no different.

We help you understand your college budget so you know what you can realistically afford and plan accordingly.


With the cost of college continuing to rise, it's critical you utilize all your resources as efficiently as possible.

We help you develop a comprehensive plan to coordinate your college savings, cash flow, family help, tax credits and strategies, and more so you know exactly how you'll pay for all 4 years of college down to the penny. 



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